Tarot EP – The Moon


The Moon
Featuring Awake

Album Tarot EP

Once upon a time there was a boy died
Love thy neighbor, I’m a stranger
finding piece inside my chamber
Huffin vapor when I puff puff pass upon bitch
Tryna count up all this paper, please
stop asking me for shit
Like, I’m bouta boss up; know some
people said I crossed up
Let your feelling get attatched to
this chick she gonna toss ya

My line of work doesn’t even need a GPA
Haters talking shit but when they see me it’s all PDA
I tell em s’il vous plaît and ask them all politely
To fuck off ain’t nobody out here do it like me
The flow is icy, made by Walter white
Bobby is my Jessie pink manhandling the mic

In the sky with no worries on my mind
Fuck what you think I’ll put a bullet through your spine, like
Open your eyes. Dummy whats good? I make money on the internet
You wish you could. I went from, selling crack to crackin bottles
Smashing skulls, I went home and realized
that there ain’t no tomorrow; just the flow of the days
Doped up with rage, look me In my face and you get blown away. uh
No hesitation, just a game but ain’t no player
I built and paved the way and y’all just fuckin stare
Throw you down a flight of stairs,
i’m 30 thou in the fucking air, yuh

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