Lil Wil -My Dougie Lyrics


My Dougie
Lil Wil
Album Dolla$, TX


It’s a Big E beat, know what I’m sayin
I’m so mothafuckin fly right now
You know what I’m sayin (hundred grand like)
Well take a look at these two niggas on side of me
You know what I’m sayin
Introducin F.E.D, haha-You know

[Verse 1: Lil’ Wil]

Walk up on the set (yup) steppin with a swag
Clothes gotta dro odor, so you know I blow bats (blunts)
Fresher then a mothafucker pocket got stacks
Hoes looking over here, cause they
like Skeet Jack (pussy popping)
Chirper going off like I got a dispatch
They be looking for that work and
I ain’t about to holla back (nope)
Post up on the whip and start looking for something bad
Nice eyes, cute face, and gotta have a fat ass
Bust that pussy open then I tell her bring it back
Ima beast up in these sheets just
like something you never had
Caught you at the club doing that sexy ass dance
Dropped it down to the floor and brought
It back up in a stance (God damn)
I like the way she working it
Ass so fat and it’s like magic when she twerkin it
Baby don’t you jerk me, I know this here for certain
Cause it’s guaranteed, you let me beat then I’ll murk it

[Chorus: Lil’ Wil x2]
My Dougie-My Dougie-My Dougie-My Dougie
My Dougie-My Dougie-My Dougie
She Say She Like My Dougie, I’m Fresh
My Dougie, I’m Fresh-My Dougie, I’m Fresh
Yep Flyer Then A Mothafucker

[Verse 2]

Officer I’m clean, why ya dog keep on sniffing me?
Riding down the lane, stopped at Spain’s
nd bought a three piece
I’m chilling with my bitch I ordered her some fish
Fresh Girbaud tee and the J’s to match my fit
Click tighter then a fist, pretty browns always flock
My team wrapped in Charmin, we the shit up out the trap
We out our mind man, smooth with it gangsta
Should’ve put us in a cage, cause we all off the chain
I’m a fool with it, catch me sagging my ‘bauds
While I’m smelling like some Sherm, quarter ounce of that dope
Now I’m the nigga she chose, say she wanna leave with me
Middle of the floor with a drank, peeping the scenery
Fresh with a pistol, bought her ass with a triple beam
Blowing on some corn that clear my chest like antihistamine
Riding through the D, on my side where the pistol be
One in the chamber, think a nigga tryna get at me
When it thump at ya, it hit harder then a Nitty beat
Tell them hoes to show me something, they starting doing that dougie
Bout five of e’m fine, and two of em ugly
One kinda pudgy, she could still get my loving
Say she from Kentucky hollering bout some distant lover shit
The whole time I’m thinking bend over let me use this rubber bitch
My game on point so she had to fucking love it
I think, I think, I think she like my dougie

[Chorus x1]

[Verse 3: Lil’ Wil]

Just gotta fade dressed to impress
Born with a shoe fetish, so you know I stay fresh
I ain’t worried about that mess, a couple grand up on my chest
Plus Drew just brought a tech and I stay fresher then some zest
Don’t want my shoes to get no specs, don’t want no bitch to touch my neck
I’ll tear this club up if I feel some disrespect
I just wanna find a chick, cause Lil’ Wil just popped a X
And I don’t wanna work hard cause I’m fiending for some sex
Do my dougie fresh and watch them hoes get to choosing
Middle of the club, jamming hard to my music
Bet you can’t do me like a Triple X movie
Pull the dick up out ya pussy, let it slap ya on the booty
Going hard in the Jacuzzi, Oh my god I like her chewing it
Scars still persuing cause I gave that thing a bruising
Don’t know what I’m doing better check me out fully
Mix that Dougie fresh with that Northside boogie


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